Do I put one tab on the right and two on the bottom? Does the bound edge need to be right or left? Flat or Letter? DDU rate or DSCF? Staying on top of postal regulations can be a full time job! Rest assured YLS is on the pulse of postal system. Our years of mail production experience ensure that your pieces are done right the first time and as fast as possible.

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Data Processing

The term data processing really does encompass a wide range of services and at YLS we offer many data services that are vital to our customers' success. From simple data entry to complex variable data functions, we can handle your data needs. Below are some of our main service offerings:

Direct Mailing Lists

In today’s changing landscape obtaining a great return on your marketing investment is more critical then ever. You’ve chosen direct marketing to deliver that critical one-to-one message to your prospects, now let YLS ensure your message gets in front of the right people!

Inkjet Addressing

With addressing speeds of 50,000+ pieces per hour, getting your mail pieces out the door and to your customer quickly is our specialty! With the advent of the new Intelligent Mail Barcode you want to be sure your mailing services provider has the proper addressing equipment to meet the demands of today’s ever changing postal requirements. Rest assured, we are always on the pulse of the industry’s demands and our customers needs.


Inserting projects can often be one of the more frustrating and time consuming for a customer if they attempt to tackle on their own. From small scale single piece letter inserts to 6 or more piece large scale projects, lean on an expert to help get your inserting project done quickly, effectively and cost efficiently call 330-793-4935.


With the ever changing demands placed upon you by the postal service with regards to tabbing, staying on top of tabbing can seem like a full time job. We will ensure that your piece will be tabbed properly to meet postal regulations and with the least hassle possible.

Drop Shipment

Drop Shipping allows us to obtain the lowest possible USPS postal rates for our customers who mail all over the country by analyzing their lists and dropping certain portions of mailings to specific postal locations that afford a greater discount. If you think this may benefit you, call us today to find out more!